Episode 006 – Pleasant Surprises

This week on the Adults? Podcast we’ve got an all woman cast! Introducing, Louis, Céline, and Chanel!

Here’re the topics:

What’s the stupidest rule or social convention you feel the need to follow? (2:18) — we disagree over whether several rules are dumb or not while drinking Skinny Bitches, made with lemon, lime, and Ventura Spirits’ California Vodka (which claims to be the only vodka in the world made from Strawberries).

What’s up with working out in Los Angeles? And how do you get your workouts in? (19:47) — people in LA are sometimes crazy, here’s an example served chilled with Patrón Tequila.

What fictional characters do you like the most? (27:52) — in which we discuss the women of Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Disney, and also a dwarf and a hobbit. Accompanied by Blanton’s Bourbon.

What if you could imbue inanimate objects with life and have discussions with them? What items are on your to-do list? (43:35) — as is often the case we end our podcast with a drunken hypothetical, and this time it got a bit bawdy as we ended the night with some Talisker 10.

Music featured in this episode:

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Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band Are Finally Rocking the Cloud

I just learned yesterday that Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band’s music was finally being made available on streaming services other than Pandora. This makes me way happier than it should make any adult.

To understand why I guess you’d need to know that Seger was a staple in my early childhood, both in the car during road trips and in the garage of my childhood home where my dad would work on his motorcycles every weekend. Seger was present enough that I vividly remember (repeatedly) declaring him to be my favorite artist when I was between the ages of about 5 and 8.

And unlike most of the “favorite” artists and bands that I’ve had since then, my love for Seger has not faded in any significant way.

So, with that in mind, here are my five favorite Bob Seger songs:


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Episode 005 – Friendship Pending

This week on the Adults? Podcast we’ve got two new guests: Tumi and Solo. Solo could only stay for the first two segments, but he’ll be back in the future.

Here’re the topics:

What are some things we’ve outgrown (5:42) — we sip on Old Overholt Rye and discuss the things we’ve left behind. Solo has a hot take on the NBA that seems particularly relevant right now.

What does social media make better, and what does it make worse, about the human condition? (24:19) — in which we discuss passive-aggressive social interactions on Facebook, but also some good stuff that social networks allow us to do, all while drinking some 12-year old Glenfarclas Scotch Whisky.

Craft Beer is Dead – Gose Ruined Craft Beer (39:55) — or is it? Here’s our take, which is appropriately accompanied by two Anderson Valley Brewing Company Goses, their Holy Gose and their Briny Melon Gose.

Based on the movie Stay Tuned: You’re sucked into your Television and have to make your way out by fighting your way through warped versions of your favorite TV shows that are trying to kill you. Which show finally gets you? (48:15) — as is often the case we end our podcast with a drunken hypothetical, and we were definitely drunk by this point. But we were happy, because we were drinking Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime Hard Cider.

Music featured in this episode:

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Episode 004 – An Unkindness of Public School Children

This week on the Adults? Podcast we’ve got the second episode we recorded. We kept the buzz going and taped it the same night that we taped last week’s episode.

Here’re the topics:

Bands we just never got (2:11) these are the bands we were always told we should like, but just didn’t or were indifferent towards, much like our indifference towards the Shock Top Belgian White we were drinking.

What are the best movies about financial issues? (15:28) turns out we love us some business-related movies, and we have mixed feelings about the Stella Artois. By the way, if you want to see the end credits of The Other Guys, which Steve mentions during the segment, you can see that here.

Andy Whiteman asks an obscure trivia question and chooses the best response (30:20) — a short segment where we try to get into Andy’s head, and also into some wine with a Dark Horse Big Red Blend.

Should people still go to business school? (37:31) you’ll have to listen to find out, but I’ll tell you here and now that we’re drinking Basil Hayden’s Bourbon and Ginger Beer.

Music featured in this episode:

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Episode 003 – Runaway Train

Welcome to Adults? This week we’re going way back to the first episode we ever taped! It’s a little more serious than the episodes we’ve had thus far, but it’s still one of our favorites.

Here’re the topics:

Top songs of the 1990s discussing our childhood music over a glass of Glenfarclas 12 on the rocks.

Samsonite and Andy explain sports in which they try to convince Steve that sports are worthwhile, while simultaneously trying to convince themselves that choking down a neat, cask strength Aberlour A’bunadh is a worthwhile endeavor (note, the A’bunadh is actually great, it just needs some distilled water added to mellow it out, but we wanted to see if we could handle it neat).

“Boom supersonic jet able to fly London to New York in three hours a step closer to production” — uh huh, sure. We drink Glenlivet 18 and discuss the airline industry, this was taped prior to the United controversy.

How do you pick a good investment? a very enjoyable segment on making decisions in life accompanied by a very enjoyable Ardbeg 10.

Music featured in this episode:

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Episode 002 – Rachel McAdams Saves North Korea

25 minutes til midnight.Welcome to Adults? This week we’re joined by Jorge from Silent Majority This! He wasn’t drinking, but the rest of us more than made up for it.

Here’re the topics:

What person would be your dream podcast (or video editorial) guest? wherein we drink an Anderson Valley Briny Melon Gose and discuss dead people.

How do you get your news? is accompanied by a Modern Times Fruitlands Gose and a discussion of fake news.

Name some different groups of people in which we engage in time travel and try to discuss a segment from an episode that hasn’t been posted yet, and then fail to discuss that topic because arguing over the Fast and Furious movies was easier, all while drinking some Ommegang Siren’s Song.

Who would win in a fight: Cyclops vs. Optimus Prime derailed immediately in favor of a discussion of Rachel McAdams, North Korea and our last 25 minutes on earth–which at least would have been pleasant on the palate as we were consuming Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime Cider.

Music featured in this episode:

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Episode 2 Teaser

Teaser for Episode 2 of the Adults? Podcast. Coming May 21st.

Listen here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/adults-podcast/id1236584058

And on Google Play at: bit.ly/AdultsGoogle

On Stitcher at: bit.ly/AdultsStitch

If you’d like to join the wider Adults? social media community, you can find us at:

* This is a parody of the Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi trailer. All music rights reserved to Walt Disney Records, Lucasfilm, John Williams and any other copyright owners.

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Episode 001 – It’s A Guacamole

Welcome to the Adults? podcast, where we drink a lot of hard alcohol and try to muddle our way through the hardest questions in life. It’s a show where the topics are meaningless because we rarely stay on them, but the conversations are still fun. Pull up and chair, have a drink, and listen.

Here’re this week’s topics:

Best celebrity legal matters while sipping on some Ardbeg 10 we discuss heinous crimes and Hulk Hogan’s courtroom attire.

The worst Star Wars movie is… in which Steve challenges Herschel to a duel to establish which movie most let down the promise of the Star Wars franchise. And the weapons? Shots of Absinthe.

What drink do you feel most guilty ordering at a bar? we move on to beer with an Allagash Curieux and a discussion of bar etiquette, guacamole, and cultural appropriation.

Three worst Pop music acts of all time bolstered by a bottle of La Fin du Monde we wade into pop culture and agree on nothing except that Herschel has horrible taste in music.

Music featured in this episode:

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Welcome to Adults?

Welcome to the Adults? podcast.

It’s a podcast about lots of different things. We are a varied group of people who are all connected to one another via having gone to school in Los Angeles, California. The cast of each episode varies, usually between people that Steve knows from Law School, and people Steve knows from Business School. No, Steve did not go to both–but he may as well have.

Each Sunday night, after we’re done drinking, we will be posting a podcast with four segments accompanied by four drinks. The topics we cover vary wildly, and usually we’re not sober enough to make any effort to stay on them. This is our excuse to get together and hang out, so we hope you enjoy listening in.

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