Episode 012 – On The Rocky Shores Of Ambition

Herschel and Jansport are back and Herschel is as wrong as ever! Apologies in advance to our ginger listeners, but we’ve already told you over and over again that he’s the worst. The theme this week is ambition.

Here’re the topics:

What films and television shows remind you of ambition? (5:22) — We talk about some TV shows about bad people and drink River Horse Brewing’s Raspberry Triple Horse Belgian Style Ale.

When does ambition become a negative thing, as seen through the lens of the Rocky movies? (18:52) — We talk the Rocky series while sharing a growler of unknown IPA from River Horse Brewing Co..

Were you ambition when you were younger? Has that changed? (33:52) — We talk about how our personal ambitions have evolved and drink some BarrelHouse Brewing Co. Mango IPA.

If you were a dictator, what ambitious political reform would you push? (52:28) — We discuss nanny state bullshit, drug reform, and eugenics–with BarrelHouse Brewing Co.’s Big Sur Double IPA.

Music featured in this episode:

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