Episode 008 – Pining for Chris Pine

This week on the Adults? Podcast we’ve got our second IPA heavy episodes featuring Jansport and Herschel.

Here’re the topics:

What are the best ways to cook meat (both method and doneness)? (3:31) — We’re cooking up a nice segment, so grab an Alpine Beer Company Duet, take a seat, and listen to two idiots and someone who doesn’t eat beef discuss cooking steak.

What price is too high for a drink? (16:27) — Not the price we paid for this Coronado Brewing Idiot IPA.

Bad date stories. (29:29) — You may have previously believed that a handsome guy like Chris Pine has never been party to a bad date. I know I did. Well Jansport’s here to set you straight. And we’re drinking Stone Delicious IPA while he does.

Pitch a Disney movie. (45:24) — For example: A woman who has to seduce a man in order to find her voice, with a subtle nod to bestiality. Oh, wait, The Little Mermaid covered that ground already. All that plus a Ballast Point Sculpin.

Music featured in this episode:

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