Episode 001 – It’s A Guacamole

Welcome to the Adults? podcast, where we drink a lot of hard alcohol and try to muddle our way through the hardest questions in life. It’s a show where the topics are meaningless because we rarely stay on them, but the conversations are still fun. Pull up and chair, have a drink, and listen.

Here’re this week’s topics:

Best celebrity legal matters while sipping on some Ardbeg 10 we discuss heinous crimes and Hulk Hogan’s courtroom attire.

The worst Star Wars movie is… in which Steve challenges Herschel to a duel to establish which movie most let down the promise of the Star Wars franchise. And the weapons? Shots of Absinthe.

What drink do you feel most guilty ordering at a bar? we move on to beer with an Allagash Curieux and a discussion of bar etiquette, guacamole, and cultural appropriation.

Three worst Pop music acts of all time bolstered by a bottle of La Fin du Monde we wade into pop culture and agree on nothing except that Herschel has horrible taste in music.

Music featured in this episode:

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